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Payoneer As a Payment Method: Why You Should Join It?

Payoneer a company that helps you get paid by International Companies & Clients. It is being used by Millions of Bloggers, Freelancers, Affiliate Marketers & Businesses to receive & send payments globally.

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Now let us talk about Payoneer that why you should use it.

Payoneer: What It Is?

Payoneer is a global company that facilitates money transfer across the world. It's the platform that Freelancers, Bloggers, Affiliate Marketers & internet users use to send & receive cross-border payments from companies like Amazon,, & many thousands of others.

Why You Should Sign UP with Payoneer?

So I hope now you have the idea of what Payoneer is basically. Now let us move on to the topic of why you should be applying for Payoneer & why you should use it.

So here are a few quick reasons you should be using Payoneer.

Reasons to Use Payoneer:

  • You need to receive Cross-Border payments from companies & clients.
  • You need to send payments to international companies & clients & pay your bills.
  • You need to make online payments & have online shopping as Payoneer lets you easily make shopping & make payments directly from your Payoneer balance and nowadays you can also pay your VAT directly using Payoneer.
  • Payoneer is accepted in more than 200+ countries.
  • It supports 150+ currencies.
  • It lets you easily withdraw your Payoneer Balance via local bank account.
  • It lets you easily withdraw your Payoneer Balance via an ATM.
  • Lets you make payments to your families & friends.
  • Lets you save your money securely in your Payoneer Account.
If you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer, you must be using Payoneer in order to facilitate your online shopping & receive cross-border payments.

What Are the Charges & Fees of Payoneer?

Another issue & concern you might have is that you want to know what are the fees & charges if you use Payoneer to receive & send payments.

So to make things clear for you, Payoneer charges many charges & fee which are as followed.

  • Charges $2 for standard payment or $5 for immediate payment companies send to you or you request from companies.
  • Each time you withdraw money from your Payoneer Balance via an ATM, you will be charged $3.5.
  • Payoneer charges yearly ATM Card fee which is $29.95.
  • There is no charges or any fee on making online or offline shopping. However, you will be charged by the company or the site you are purchasing items & products from.
  • Each time you inquire about your Payoneer Balance via any ATM, you will be charged $1 for that process.
  • Each time you request payments from other clients who don't own any Payoneer account, you will be charged up to 3% of that transaction.
  • Requesting payments from other user who has Payoneer account and sends you money from his own Payoneer account then the transaction is free of cost & there are no fee associated with this transaction.

Why You Should Use Payoneer Instead of PayPal?

We know PayPal is the leading company that facilitates online money transfer but since PayPal has many restrictions & even it's not available in many countries like Pakistan etc so, therefore, you cannot use PayPal in those countries.

So a close alternative to PayPal we have is Payoneer and Payoneer is also best in transaction fee & other features. Even though, most of the users prefer Payoneer over PayPal. I'm personally using Payoneer for my online payment transfer & money-related issues.
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Sunday, 26 February 2017

What's Payoneer & Why You Need It?


Payoneer Which is widely used Online company that issues Mastercard to their customers & thus users use the MasterCard to withdraw money from their Ad Networks, Affiliate partners & then withdraw their earning using any ATM that accept Mastercard.

Payoneer is the most used & trusted company that supports almost many countries & accept many large affiliate sites & companies such as,, 99design etc.

If you're a partner with any affiliate site that supports Payoneer then you must use Payoneer as your withdrawing method because they make it easier for you to manage & withdraw your money & pay via the internet.
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For more Info about Payoneer, Visit Yasar's Payoneer Mastercard Website.

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